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Season 2 Episode 28: Being Down There Aware

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Being Down There Aware

This week, Alex and Mary readdress the need to be “Down There Aware.” They discuss the fear that sometimes accompanies inquiries about one’s health, and the hesitancy in seeking out medical advice.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back! [0:40]

  • Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month #GCAM2021 [1:00]

  • Why the podcast began [2:06]

  • A purpose to inform young women [4:05]

  • Cancer phobia[5:03]

  • Knowledge is power [6:19]

  • What is a “normal” period? *correction, see article below[7:00]

  • Second opinions [7:58]

  • You are your own best advocate [10:50]

  • Afraid of what others may think [11:27]

  • Talking to your doctor [13:39]

  • Use Alex’s story! 15:56]

  • Trend toward more younger women diagnosed [19:15]

  • We are not doctors! [19:57]

  • Serious research [20:10]

  • Lasting effects of cancer [22:20]

  • Huge disparity in funding for GYN cancers [22:50]

  • In the News! Covid-10 vaccine [23:55]

  • Six reasons why Americans don’t get vaccinated [24:29]

  • Trust science [26:03]

  • Alex’s surgery postponed [26:10]

  • Unvaccinated are overwhelming hospitals [27:40]

  • Non-emergent necessary surgery vs emergency surgery [28:27]

  • Importance of annual exams/testing [31:30]

  • Please share us on social media [33:29]

  • Wear Purple Day [33:42]

  • Thanks for listening! [34:25]

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Links Mentioned in the Episode

The 6 Reasons Americans Aren't Getting Vaccinated

Leon County Florida Covid Cases

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Covid Dashboard

Heavy Periods***

**Alex misspoke in the episode and said 2 teaspoons of blood was normal, but it was actually 2 tablespoons, or 6-8 teaspoons.

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