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Celebrating International Women's Day

In honor of #InternationalWomensDay we are celebrating some of our favorite women creators from Instagram!

First up, @checkMEupUK! At 35, Dafina was diagnosed with stage 2 womb cancer which had already spread to her ovaries, despite being told she was bloated. She decided she was going to fight for change in the #UnitedKingdom so that girls & women would have the option to access yearly women's health check ups to check for any abnormalities and maintain good gyn health. You go girl!

Next is @Brownskinmatters! Brown Skin Matters is a community sourced database of dermatological conditions on non-white skin. Ellen Buchanan Weiss started this community in 2018 when her son was an infant & she noticed how few pediatric reference sites included photos that looked like him. This project has been discussed on @NPR, @BBCnews, @NYtimes, & #TheLancet. We applaud Ellen for not only identifying a need, but taking leaps & bounds to create change that impacts so many people with brown & black skin.

Let me tell you about @felter.unfiltered! She is the ultimate #girlboss. Describing herself as "multi-passionate, multi-talented, anti-BS", Felter reminds us on her podcast, #OvercomingShould, that we can grow at our own pace & say #FU to the "shoulds" of life. We are LOVING the honest rebrand, awesome design tips & your continued focus on personal growth!

Do you have real questions about "unmentionable" topics?? Well you need to check out @Uteropedia. This account is where you go to learn about all of the topics no one wanted to talk about. From guides for things like endometriosis & cervical screenings to answering all of our questions like "Could stress really be affecting my period?", Uteropedia has you covered!

Last, but certainly not least is our dear friend @LauraMeihofer, pelvic floor physical therapist. Laura joined us during the first season of @downthereaware & we have loved her content ever since! From her silly costumes to her fun dances, Dr. Meihofer is incredibly knowledgeable & so compassionate. She wants everyone to have a health pelvic floor, & we love her for that!

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