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Season 2 Episode 23: Ouch! Let's Talk Pain

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Ouch! Let’s talk pain.

In this week’s episode, Alex and Mary discuss pain, something we can all relate to. They share their own personal worst pain and most strange pain, as well as discuss the origins of various pain scales. The opioid crisis is touched on, as are some alternative therapies for pain. This week is Part One on pain. Part Two will follow next week.

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Episode Highlights

  • Good Morning?? [0:38]

  • Chit-chat [0:57]

  • Two-part mini series [2:00]

  • Everyone experiences pain [2:20]

  • Virginia Woolf quote [2:40]

  • Descriptions of pain [3:00]

  • Communication with doctors [3:50]

  • Individuals feel pain differently [4:20]

  • Childbirth pain [5:00]

  • Alex’s worst pain [6:20]

  • Brain surgery [7:00]

  • I’ve got you under my skin! [7:55]

  • Gas pain after abdominal surgery [9:10]

  • Mary’s worst pain [10:30]

  • When pain is temporary [11:00]

  • “Valvey” veins [13:30]

  • Papa Joe [16:15]

  • Acute pain [18:22]

  • Referred pain [20:10]

  • Chronic pain [23:23]

  • Back pain [23:45]

  • Degenerative disc disease [23:50]

  • Sciatica [25:45]

  • Chiropractor [26:55]

  • Migraine treatment [26:34]

  • Triptan, vasoconstrictor [27:17]

  • Insurance [28:05]

  • Opioids [28:38]

  • Alex’s strangest pain [29:17]

  • Mary’s strangest pain [32:03]

  • Injured joint capsule [32:45]

  • Vionic shoes [33:50]

  • Thanks for listening! [36:04]

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Links Mentioned in the Episode

Pain: What it is and how to treat it

Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain

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