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Episode 17: Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic Floor Health: An Introductory Conversation with Dr. Laura Meihofer

In this episode we discuss with physical therapist Dr. Laura Meihofer, a pelvic wellness expert, how cancer treatments, surgeries, and aging can affect a healthy pelvic floor. Dr. Meihofer is a yoga teaching, mindfulness practicing physical therapist who strives to demystify the pelvic floor, promote healthy movement, and create a safe space for taboo topics.

Episode Highlights

· How Dr. Meihofer chose her specialty [1:21]

· What is the pelvic floor? [3:09]

· A brief history of pelvic floor physical therapy [4:52]

· Where do pelvic floor specialists practice? [8:26]

· How can pelvic floor therapy help cancer patients? [11:07]

· The importance of knowing your body [20:19]

· Direct access to medical specialists [24:27]

More from Dr. Meihofer

Instagram: @laurameihofer


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