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Episode 18: The What Ifs

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Overcast | Google Podcasts The What Ifs Mary and Alex consider points in Alex's life where, knowing what they know now, they would have recognized indications of symptoms and signs of her future endometrial cancer diagnosis at the age of 32. The mother-daughter duo also discuss the need for open conversations with adolescents to afford them information they need to be Down There Aware. Episode Highlights

· What if we had known starting your period early was a risk factor [1:31]

· Medicine specialization [2:52]

· 5th grade sex ed [4:34]

· The what ifs of familial history [8:13]

· You're never too young [10:18]

· Opening up the door to early conversation [15:01]

· Buy the tampons George [19:27]

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Summary Keywords period, doctor, gynecologic cancers, cancer, child, hysterectomy, tampons, risk factors, talk, parents, women


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