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Episode 20: Advice for Our Ten Year Old Selves

Advice for Our Ten Year Old Selves

This week Alex and Mary explore advice they may offer if they were to meet their ten year old selves - good or bad. Trigger warning - this episode briefly discusses sexual abuse.

Episode Highlights

· Your period is normal! [0:55]

· No question is a dumb question [2:24]

· Times have changed [3:03]

· Accidents happen [4:41]

· Period lies [7:22]

· Abuse is never your fault [8:19]

· Normalize "down there" [9:50]

· Down there is also bathroom habits [11:08]

· When did "down there" become taboo [13:25]

· Looking to our pets [14:05]

· Some bad advice [14:52]

· It's probably best we can't go back in time [15:32]

· Don't sweat the small stuff [16:07]

· It'll all be ok [16:41]

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