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Episode 20: Advice for Our Ten Year Old Selves

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Advice for Our Ten Year Old Selves

This week Alex and Mary explore advice they may offer if they were to meet their ten year old selves - good or bad. Trigger warning - this episode briefly discusses sexual abuse.

Episode Highlights

· Your period is normal! [0:55]

· No question is a dumb question [2:24]

· Times have changed [3:03]

· Accidents happen [4:41]

· Period lies [7:22]

· Abuse is never your fault [8:19]

· Normalize "down there" [9:50]

· Down there is also bathroom habits [11:08]

· When did "down there" become taboo [13:25]

· Looking to our pets [14:05]

· Some bad advice [14:52]

· It's probably best we can't go back in time [15:32]

· Don't sweat the small stuff [16:07]

· It'll all be ok [16:41]

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