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Episode 21: One Year Later: Reflecting on My Cancer Diagnosis

One Year Later: Reflecting on My Cancer Diagnosis

This week Alex & Mary listen to the first episode of Down There Aware and react to how they were feeling after receiving the diagnosis..  "My Cancer Story" is Alex's account of her cancer diagnosis from July 2019.

Episode Highlights

· Why we started this podcast [3:22]

· Cancer was never a possibility [6:05]

· It is better to know and relieved than be ignorant and be shocked [6:50]

· Everyone is unique [9:46]

· Read everything you sign [13:05]

· Trust your tribe [16:26]

· Customer service is important [18:56]

· Internet research isn't all bad [20:15]

· Sometimes you need some comfort - even food [23:10]

· In hindsight [25:49]

· Taking your time is important [30:05]

· Be realistic [15:32]

· Expect the unexpected [31:48]

· Our mission remains the same [36:28]

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Summary Keywords

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