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Episode 22: What happens now?

What happens now? One year after a cancer diagnosis

Being diagnosed with cancer changes everything. This week marks one year since Alex's endometrial cancer diagnosis. Mary and Alex sit down to discuss Alex's one-year follow up appointment with her oncologist, as well as what they've learned in the year following such a devastating diagnosis.

Episode Highlights

· My follow-up appointment [1:09]

· The effects of CoVid-19 [1:39]

· Consent for pelvic exam [2:25]

· Be your own advocate [4:35]

· The importance of continuity of care [6:45]

· What happens next? [9:30]

· Striking a good balance [10:22]

· It's never straight forward [12:07]

· Second opinions are crucial [14:54]

· Hindsight is 20:20 [16:33]

· Hold people accountable [19:08]

· Trust your instincts [22:40]

· Take a moment to breathe[23:01]

· You don't know what you don't know [24:20]

· Everything adds up [25:22]

· Women are often dismissed [26:16]

· In summary [28:02]

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