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Episode 24: Teaching Our Daughters to be Down There Aware

Teaching our Daughters to be Down There Aware

In this week's episode, Mary and Alex discuss ways that parents could teach their children, even from a young age, to be aware of their bodies and to advocate for their personal health and well-being.

Episode Highlights

· Giving them the basics [0:58]

· Starting early [2:00]

· Narrating through child development [2:59]

· Even with our pets! [3:38]

· Normalizing the conversation [4:40]

· Enlisting our doctors as allies [6:51]

· Understanding the opposite sex [7:43]

· Why is being down there aware important? [9:46]

· Research supports being aware of your body [11:33]

· Bleeding isn't unusual for premenopausal women [13:23]

· Cancer was never on our radar [14:38]

· Convenience vs. necessity [15:07]

· Bringing up our children to be down there aware [17:53]

When in doubt someone has written about it [18:35]

Links discussed in the episode

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Summary Keywords

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