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Episode 24: Teaching Our Daughters to be Down There Aware

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Teaching our Daughters to be Down There Aware

In this week's episode, Mary and Alex discuss ways that parents could teach their children, even from a young age, to be aware of their bodies and to advocate for their personal health and well-being.

Episode Highlights

· Giving them the basics [0:58]

· Starting early [2:00]

· Narrating through child development [2:59]

· Even with our pets! [3:38]

· Normalizing the conversation [4:40]

· Enlisting our doctors as allies [6:51]

· Understanding the opposite sex [7:43]

· Why is being down there aware important? [9:46]

· Research supports being aware of your body [11:33]

· Bleeding isn't unusual for premenopausal women [13:23]

· Cancer was never on our radar [14:38]

· Convenience vs. necessity [15:07]

· Bringing up our children to be down there aware [17:53]

When in doubt someone has written about it [18:35]

Links discussed in the episode

Study Emphasizes Importance of Symptom Awareness in Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

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