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Episode 25: TV Medicine: Drama vs. Reality

TV Medicine: Drama vs. Reality

To lighten up the podcast this week, we are discussing all things television - TV MEDICINE that is! From ever-available nurses to colorful bed sheets, Mary and Alex compare their personal hospital experiences with those from their favorite medical dramas.

Episode Highlights

· Walking down memory lane [1:14]

· Our personal experience [5:08]

· LOL'ing at some big differences [6:18]

· Alex takes things into her own hands [7:50]

· Interns behaving badly [9:03]

· Underrepresenting hospital administration [10:50]

· Pre/Post operative protocols [12:07]

· Odd reactions to anesthesia [13:11]

· Doctors taking interest in their patients [16:25]

· Potential future episodes [18:52]

· Doctors taking a personal interest [20:05]

· The way hospitals look [24:45]

· Hanging out around the nurses station [26:04]

· Tell us about your experience! [27:09]

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