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Episode 26: Into the Unknown: Overcoming Uncertainty

Into the Unknown: Overcoming Uncertainty

Have you ever felt like you were being consumed by the uncertainty of life? It could be a cancer diagnosis, dealing with a global pandemic, or any other thing that causes you anxiety in your life. Well we have! This week, Mary and Alex discuss the uncertainties of a cancer diagnosis and what we can do to fight the anxiety that comes along with it.

Episode Highlights

· Receiving test results [1:41]

· At the mercy of scheduling and insurance [4:13]

· Becoming your own advocate [7:10]

· Another example of imposter syndrome [8:35]

· Waiting for test results [10:01]

· Cancer is always uncertain [11:17]

· Easing the uncertainty [14:55]

· We are not in control [15:42]

· Educate yourself to ease your mind [16:29]

· Find comfort that works for you [17:10]

· Uncertainty makes us anxious [18:27]

· resources [19:30]

· We have international listeners! Leave us a review and tell us where you're from [21:40]

Resources discussed in this episode

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Summary Keywords

gynecologic cancers, diagnosis, women, gynecology, health, womb stories, endometrial cancer, test results, uncertainty, ovarian cancer

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