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Episode 28: How Has Cancer Changed Us?

How Has Cancer Changed Us?

This week Mary and Alex reflect on the last 14 months and how cancer has changed them. Turns out, there have been both some expected and unexpected changes in how we've lived and learned since July 2019.

Episode Highlights

· Don't sweat the small stuff [0:54]

· Becoming confident [2:58]

· Holding doctors and their staff accountable [4:03]

· Putting our research into high gear [5:53]

· Jump started our podcast and advocacy [6:30]

· Cancer is eye opening [7:49]

· Sometimes plans change [8:33]

· We are not in control [10:11]

· Share your story on the podcast [11:02]

· Putting your energy into something positive [11:48]

· Strengthening our relationship [14:01]

· A creative outlet in an uncertain time [15:26]

· Hearing from our listeners [16:11]

· Breaking down the barriers [18:16]

· We are an episode for everyone! [19:20]

· Gynecologic Awareness Month [21:25]

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Summary Keywords

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