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Episode 29: Yohanna Hoehler: Vulvar Cancer Survivor and Advocate

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Yohanna Hoehler: Vulvar Cancer Survivor and Advocate

To kick off Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, Mary and Alex sat down with vulvar cancer survivor and advocate, Yohanna Hoehler. After waiting seven years for a diagnosis, Yohanna wanted to help advocate for the rare condition and founded the Vulvar Cancer Awareness Forum, a non-profit organization. VCAF focuses on raising awareness and educating on all things Vulvar Cancer and provide support to those who have been diagnosed. Yohanna also actively advocates and lobbies for new Vulvar Cancer research and treatment advancements as most of what we know about this cancer is based on outdated information.

Episode Highlights

· Johanna's diagnosis story [1:30]

· Initial concerns [4:15]

· Cancer never crossed my mind [7:15]

· Lichen Sclerosus [8:45]

· Johanna's past and current treatment plan [10:09]

· A long and hard journey [12:50]

· A whole body experience [13:45]

· Understanding the timeline [14:30]

· Risk factors for vulvar cancer [16:10]

· Data is outdated [18:40]

· Choosing to travel for the best care [20:35]

· What would you tell your past self [22:30]

· A simple test can save a lot of pain [24:50]

· Vulvar Cancer Awareness Forum [25:35]

· Who should we talk to first [26:45]

· Gynecologic Awareness Month [28:45]

· Vulvar Cancer Awareness Forum [31:50 ]

· Who should we talk to first [26:45]

· Help us raise money for the Foundation for Women's Cancer [30:05]

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