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Episode 30: Interview with Mariette Peeters: Two-Time Gynecologic Cancer Survivor and Advocate

Interview with Mariette Peeters: Two-Time Gynecologic Cancer Survivor and Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with two-time gynecologic cancer survivor and advocate, Mariette Peeters. Several years after battling endometrial cancer, Mariette was diagnosed with endometrioid ovarian cancer. Due to her previous diagnosis, she had been more closely surveilled by her physicians and was able to catch her ovarian cancer in stage one - something that is practically unheard of. In this episode, Mariette shares her experience with both endometrial and ovarian cancer, as well as how treating her whole body and mind has helped her heal and fight both of her cancers.

Mariette is a survivor of endometrial and ovarian cancers and for the past 15 years has nurtured and advocated for friends and family during their cancer journeys. She is also in remission from a lifelong struggle with depression.

Her more than 25 years experience with various holistic healing, therapeutic, and nutrition modalities are foundational in her approach to integrative cancer treatment. At various points in her life, Mariette has worked as a vegetarian chef, Reiki master, psychological astrologer, herbalist, shamanic healer, as well as an HIV/AIDS project manager and grant writer. She also has more than 20 years of daily meditation practice as well as regular yoga, Pilates, and MELT practices.

She is driven to use these experiences to help other cancer patients regain a sense of empowerment over their life and health. Helping them to navigate through different treatment options and practitioners so that they can find the right fit for them to build their support team, heal their life, and not just their cancer.

Episode Highlights

· Mariette's diagnosis story [1:30]

· What is endometrioid ovarian cancer? [2:30]

· A knack for turning cells into cancers [4:12]

· An under researched cancer [5:15]

· Classic symptoms that were overlooked [8:30]

· Initial diagnosis [12:50]

· A different way to treat it [13:45]

· Embracing a wholistic approach [15:15]

· A tough choice [20:00]

· Don't skip the rectal exam [23:30]

· Get copies of all of your records [25:40]

· What would you change? [26:15]

· Always listen to your body [27:42]

· Update on Alex [29:15]

· Practically unheard of [30:15]

· Mariette's ovarian cancer treatment [31:45 ]

· How are you now? [34:40]

· The importance of physical therapy [36:15]

· Catching up [38:05]

· The benefits of having a cancer coach [39:30]

· Treating your whole self [42:30]

· Help us raise money for the Foundation for Women's Cancer [46:15]

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

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