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Episode 31: Interview with Shannon Villalba: Small Cell Cervical Cancer Survivor

Interview with Shannon Villalba: Cervical Cancer Survivor

This week Mary and Alex sat down with small cell cervical cancer survivor and advocate, Shannon Villalba. Shannon's cancer went undiagnosed for some time, and when it was finally diagnosed it was grade 4. With the help of chemo, radiation, and a wide array of holistic treatment, Shannon was able to fight her cancer and is nearing the ever important 5 year no evidence of disease marker.

Episode Highlights

· Shannon's diagnosis story [1:35]

· The consequences of chemotherapy [6:07]

· Speaking it into existence [7:30]

· Creating a community [8:30]

· Introducing CBD oil [10:15]

· The importance of the fifth year [11:05]

· The power of positive thinking [11:45]

· We are whole people[14:10]

· The earlier the better[16:32]

· Shannon's surveillance plan[18:30]

· Advice for our listeners [20:35]

· Nothing is typical [22:30]

· Not all cancers are pink [24:00]

· Help us raise money for the Foundation for Women's Cancer [27:02]

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

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