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Episode 32: Interview with Lauren Felter: Cervical Pre-Cancer Survivor and Advocate

Interview with Lauren Felter: Cervical Pre-Cancer Survivor and Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Lauren Felter, best known for her surprisingly candid commentary on all the things your parents told you not to talk about. After spending her 20s treating happiness like a checklist, she has redesigned her career to help others reject the “shoulds” of life. This summer, she launched the first course in her Get Your Sh*t Together course suite, which is designed to help young people know their worth, grow, and create their own definition of success. Lauren's story about her diagnosis echoes so many we have heard. From being mislead, unheard, and dismissed, Lauren experienced it all.

Episode Highlights

· A little bit about Lauren [1:30]

· Lauren's diagnosis [3:00]

· Similar yet different [5:45]

· The treatment plan [6:43]

· Advocating to friends [11:22]

· The power of positive thinking [11:45]

· Post op [12:30]

· The importance of annual paps [14:04]

· Follow up complications [15:25]

· Advice for our listeners [18:49]

· Personal medical history is a big piece of the puzzle [21:21]

· Doctors work for you [21:59]

· Complexities of the medical field [24:30]

· Help us raise money for the Foundation for Women's Cancer [27:02]

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

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