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Episode 33: Interview with Dana Starr Ball: Cervical Cancer Survivor and Advocate

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Interview with Dana Starr Ball: Cervical Cancer Survivor and Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Dana Starr Ball. Dana is 34, a wife, and a mother to two wild boys. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Charleston, SC area and has been practicing since 2008. She teaches Kinesiology, Myology and Clinical Massage techniques in a Massage Therapy training program and continuing education courses for LMTs as well. Dana was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 29.

Episode Highlights

· Dana's diagnosis and symptoms [1:18]

· Uncommon symptoms [4:54]

· Dana's Treatment [7:25]

· The treatment plan [6:43]

· High risk HPV [9:34]

· Pre-op [10:57]

· Post op struggles [11:25]

· Being OK with awkward [13:35]

· The power of empathy [15:04]

· What would you do differently? [16:34]

· In the gallery [19:14]

· Doing God's work [20:03]

· Being diagnosed with another unrelated cancer [21:10]

· An exercise in perseverance [22:35]

· Pelvic floor therapy: another advocate! [24:30]

· Standards abroad vs the US [28:19]

· Thank you! [30:34]

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