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Episode 34: Interview with Trisha Scott: Pregnancy Loss Survivor and Advocate

Interview with Trisha Scott: Pregnancy Loss Survivor and Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Trisha. Trisha is a clinical social worker, musician, nature-lover, and arts enthusiast out of North Carolina. She has a specialty in working with people experiencing eating disorders and body image distress, practicing from a Health At Every Size approach.

Through many years of unexplained symptoms, pain, and three pregnancy losses, Trisha has battled to find effective and holistic treatment options for diagnoses of fibromyalgia, IBS, endometriosis, PCOS, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. She is continuing to travel along her fertility journey after experiencing two ectopic pregnancies and one “missed” miscarriage.

Episode Highlights

· Trisha's first pregnancy and loss [2:25]

· HCG level [3:25]

· Trisha’s second pregnancy and loss [5:23]

· Laparoscopy [7:50]

· Endometriosis [8:15]

· Trisha’s third pregnancy and loss [9:51]

· Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis [11:40]

· Time for a break [12:30]

· PCOS [13:20]

· Emotional effects [14:20]

· Helpful therapy [17:00]

· Wonderful doctor! [18:50]

· Loss of “jacked up” fallopian tube [19:40]

· Support groups are so important! [21:00]

· Remembrance of losses [23:30]

· Helpful reactions of others [26:20]

· You don’t know what you don’t know [28:10]

· Thank you! [31:20]

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Summary Keywords

fibromyalgia, IBS, endometriosis, PCOS, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, diagnosis, women, gynecology, health, womb stories, endometrial cancer, relationships, mother, daughter, cancer

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