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Episode 35: Interview with Jennifer Clark: Pregnancy Loss Survivor

Interview with Jennifer Clark: Pregnancy Loss Survivor

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Jennifer. Jennifer is the Director of Graduate Programs at FSU’s College of Business and a self-proclaimed “hippie”. Jennifer and her husband, Paul, journeyed through pregnancy loss together and now have two adult children.

Jennifer shares what she learned about the physical damage of a miscarriage and subsequent D & C years after she endured both. Her perspective about the effects of having a hysterectomy in regard to “womanhood” and all that entails is thought provoking and inspiring.

Episode Highlights

· Jennifer’s story begins [1:50]

· Spiritual Midwifery [2:10]

· “No heartbeat” [2:28]

· Fibroids [3:25]

· No warning signs [4:00]

· Emotional effects [5:20]

· Placenta Previa [8:10]

· Reactions of others [11:30]

· Hindsight [13:58]

· Why a hysterectomy? [15:11]

· Effexor for hot flashes? [20:50]

· Advice for others [21:22]

· Passage of time [24:00]

· Remembrance of losses [23:30]

· Thank you! [25:30]

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Summary Keywords

midwifery, fibroids, placenta previa, hysterectomy, Effexor, hot flashes, miscarriage, diagnosis, women, gynecology, health, womb stories, endometrial cancer, relationships, mother, daughter, cancer

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