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Episode 36: Interview with Sarah Nicholson: Pregnancy Loss Survivor

Interview with Sarah Nicholson: Pregnancy Loss Survivor

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Sarah, a stay at home mom who homeschools her five children, one girl and four boys, ages one to ten. Sarah shares the difficulties she and her husband experienced while trying to conceive early on in their marriage, the subsequent gift of several children, and the heartbreak of loss in the midst of those blessings.

Episode Highlights

· Sarah’s story [1:15]

· Youth and pregnancy [2:15]

· Clomid and infertility [3:34]

· Reproductive Endocrinologist [3:58]

· Endometriosis [4:45]

· Surprise pregnancy [5:30]

· Pregnancy loss [7:00]

· Emotional/Physical fallout [12:08]

· Support [13:50]

· Lack of support [14:00]

· ER doctors [15:00]

· Remembrance [17:02]

· Goodness of God [17:48]

· Age-appropriate support for children [18:30]

· Physical recovery [19:08]

· Rainbow baby [20:25]

· Helpful response of others [22:05]

· Mourning loss [25:55]

· Thank you! [27:14]

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Summary Keywords

endometriosis, rainbow babies, pregnancy and youth, midwives, miscarriage, mourning loss, ER experience, diagnosis, women, gynecology, health, womb stories, endometrial cancer, relationships, mother, daughter, cancer

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