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Episode 37: Interview with Nishaa Johnson: Pregnancy Loss Survivor & Advocate

Interview with Nishaa Johnson: Pregnancy Loss Survivor & Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Nishaa, a performer, teacher and music advocate based in Orlando, FL. Her journey with infertility began in 2014, when she was unable to conceive again after a miscarriage. She went on to go through 3 rounds of IVF, however was unsuccessful in carrying a baby to term. She is currently 36 weeks pregnant after a truly miraculous conception. This podcast will be her first time talking about her infertility struggles.

Episode Highlights

· Nishaa’s story [1:25]

· The IVF journey [2:30]

· No early warning signs [4:58]

· Putting on a brace face [6:02]

· Addressing emotional well-being [6:45]

· Physical recovery [8:37]

· Remembering our losses [11:29]

· Feeling like yourself through loss [13:32]

· No wrong way to deal with grief [16:10]

· It doesn't happen for everyone [17:00]

· Pressure to conceive [18:10]

· Advice for those going through infertility [19:15]

· Time heals [23:15]

· Taking care of our bodies is important [24:42]

· Infertility doesn't define you [25:02]

· Miraculous endings [26:00]

· Thank you! [27:22]

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