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Episode 39: Interview with Nicole Wertz: Living with Infertility

Interview with Mandy Singleton: Pregnancy Loss Survivor & Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Nicole, an FSU graduate and fellow sorority sister. Nicole discusses her experience with abnormally heavy periods, severe cramping, and suffering with the pain of huge fibroid cysts. These conditions resulted in her needing to undergo a hysterectomy at the age of 35, having never had the opportunity to birth a baby.

Episode Highlights

· Nicole’s story [1:25]

· Having the choice to reproduce [3:35]

· Infertility’s effect on relationships [5:02]

· Emotional support [6:32]

· Healthcare provider and resources [8:50]

· Mental health support [10:40]

· Pelvic floor recovery [11:40]

· Side effects of hysterectomy [12:28]

· What is normal? [14:45]

· Taboo topic [18:00]

· Abnormally heavy periods [19:20]

· Early onset periods [20:40]

· Huge fibroid cysts [22:50]

· Age as a qualifier [24:00]

· Men and prostate cancer [25:50]

· Listen to your body [27:00]

· Thank you! [27:43]

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