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Episode 40: Interview with Courtney Bigum: Living with Turner Syndrome and Infertility

Interview with Mandy Singleton: Pregnancy Loss Survivor & Advocate

This week Mary and Alex sat down with Courtney, one of their sorority sisters, who lives in Atlanta, GA. Courtney shares some valuable information about Turner Syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality, and how that diagnosis, when she was an infant, has affected her life and her path to motherhood.

Episode Highlights

· Courtney’s story [1:18]

· Characteristics of Turner Syndrome [1:33]

· Infertility awareness [2:20]

· Emotional response [4:00]

· Finding the right partner [5:25]

· Self-doubt [7:20]

· Mosaic Turner Syndrome [9:15]

· Support through community [10:20]

· Male infertility [14:05]

· Emotional Care [15:20]

· Preventative medicine [16:10]

· Many different pathways to motherhood [19:30]

· Adoption [20:35]

· Be the change [22:40]

· Good advice [23:50]

· Embrace the journey [26:00]

· Thank you! [26:11]

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Summary Keywords

Turner Syndrome, chromosomal abnormality, mourning loss, many pathways to motherhood, infertility, women, gynecology, health, womb stories, relationships, mother, daughter, cancer

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