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Episode 41: Why a Podcast?

Interview with Mandy Singleton: Pregnancy Loss Survivor & Advocate

This week Alex and Mary sat down together to discuss why they began the podcast, almost a year ago. They talk about what went into making the decision and how they have managed to keep it going during a global pandemic.

Episode Highlights

· Thank you to all of our guests [0:43]

· Why a podcast? [1:37]

· Spotify Wrapped [2:35]

· People in six countries are listening [3:03]

· Demographic diagnosis frustration [4:30]

· Nothing is “routine” [6:23]

· Time to process [7:45]

· Knowledge is power [9:30]

· Listener demographic [11:25]

· Accessibility [12:20]

· Mother/Daughter quality time [13:40]

· Utilizing your skill set [15:00]

· Sharing different perspectives [17:05]

· Global pandemic lockdown [18:30]

· Creative outlet [20:20]

· Time with Sadie Mae [21:00]

· Next week’s topic (21:25)

· Thank you! [22:03]

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Summary Keywords

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