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Episode 42: What We Have Learned

What We Have Learned

This week Alex and Mary sat down together to discuss what they have learned since starting the podcast in February of 2019. The past 10 months have truly been a learning experience for both Alex and Mary and they talk about what that has meant to them in the midst of a global pandemic.

Episode Highlights

· A time to reflect [1:00]

· Alex’s journey is not an exception [1:30]

· Pelvic Floor [3:10]

· Various GYN cancers [4:40]

· Being productive through grief [6:30]

· 2020 distraction [8:00]

· Listener suggestions [10:40]

· Validation of life-changing decisions [11:00]

· Split-second decision [11:50]

· Drastic surgery to get answers [12:45]

· Need for advanced imaging for GYN cancers [13:40]

· Advancement in dementia imaging [14:40]

· Cancer research funding [15:45]

· Podcast positives [17:40]

· Listener support [19:00]

· Input from Listeners [20:15]

· Far-reaching topics (20:30)

· Thank you! [21:40]

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Summary Keywords

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