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Episode 43: Choosing a Charity

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Choosing a Charity

In the last episode of their first season, Mary and Alex discuss some factors to consider when choosing where to make year-end donations. We will see you back for season two on Monday, January 4, 2021!

Episode Highlights

· Cancer facts [1:29]

· Lesser known cancer charities [4:01]

· Giving advances cancer treatment[6:26]

· Choosing a charity to give to [9:15]

· The best way to vet a charity [11:20]

· Looking at the big picture [12:00]

· Do your research, information is public [14:44]

· Look for results [15:50]

· Additional resources [17:10]

· Closing out Season 1 [18:17]

· Be on the lookout! [18:54]

· Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! [19:20]

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The V Foundation for Cancer Research

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