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Season 2 Episode 1: Looking into the New Year

Looking into the New Year

This week Alex and Mary sit down to reflect a bit on their first season and to look ahead at Season Two and some new and exciting things to look forward to as their podcast continues to grow and develop.

Episode Highlights

· Happy New Year! [0:41]

· Connecting through the podcast [2:01]

· The good of technology[2:43]

· Developing new skills [3:16]

· Our new logo and merch! [4:20]

· We are launching a TIkTok [5:57]

· Cervical Cancer Awareness Month [7:27]

· HPV vaccine [8:30]

· Gynecologists educating young people [9:53]

· Alex’s 3 month check up [12:18]

· Visiting the doctor during a pandemic [13:27]

· Looking ahead to next week [16:43]

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Summary Keywords

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