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Season 2 Episode 12: Periods

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Periods: An Open and Honest Conversation with an 11-Year-Old and Her Mom

This week we sat down with Ellie Rae, an 11-year-old who just started her period, and her mom, Kelly, who gave a lot of thought to preparing her daughter for this stage in her development. Ellie Rae shares her reaction to her mom’s prep talks and how she felt when she started her period at school. Kelly, who is a teacher, shares invaluable information for moms who may be wondering how to get this conversation started.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back [0:38]

  • Introduction of guests [0:54]

  • Ellie Rae Discovers Eight Ways to be SMART [1:55]

  • Preparing your child for menstruation [2:28]

  • Take cues from your child [2:45]

  • American Girl, The Care & Keeping of You 2 [3:35]

  • Putting together a “period pack” [4:04]

  • Share with other moms so they know your child is informed [4:43]

  • Allow your child to ask questions and don’t go beyond what they ask [5:05]

  • Our bodies were made to have periods [6:00]

  • Ellie explains how she reacted to “the talk” [6:45]

  • Ellie shares her feelings about starting for the first time [7:43]

  • The tampon discussion [8:30]

  • Young girls talking with friends about periods [12:39]

  • Expectations [14:05]

  • Discussing periods used to be frowned upon [16:00]

  • Keeping a calendar/journal [16:35]

  • Older women keeping track [20:30]

  • Staying informed but not intrusive [21:30]

  • Ellie’s advice to other girls [23:35]

  • Conversation starter [24:30]

  • Building a rapport with your child [25:55]

  • Thanks to Kelly and Ellie Rae! [28:00]

  • Thanks for listening! [28:30]

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Ellie Rae Discovers Eight Ways to be SMART Book

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