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Season 2 Episode 13: Cancer & CoVid

Cancer & CoVid: An Interview with Erin Arra

This week Erin Arra shares her story as she recently received a cancer diagnosis while isolated at home, sick with CoVid-19. Erin describes her journey through HPV positive results that led her through countless tests and procedures, over the course of several years, only to be diagnosed with cervical cancer while quarantining at home, due to a positive CoVid-19 test.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back [0:39]

  • Introduction of special guest [0:45]

  • Cervical cancer diagnosis [1:35]

  • Sick at home with CoVid-19 [1:50]

  • LEEP [2:45]

  • Cancer not even on the radar [4:15]

  • Young age as a protection? [6:00]

  • Recovering from CoVid-19 [6:40]

  • CoVid-19 spread throughout family members [7:30]

  • Tests delayed due to CoVid-19 [8:15]

  • Oncology plan [11:30]

  • Cold Knife Cone Procedure [13:03]

  • Spread of cancer [14:25]

  • Hysterectomy [16:06]

  • Impact of CoVid-19 [16:30]

  • Cleveland Clinic [17:15]

  • Gardasil vaccine [17:50]

  • Normalizing GYN conversations [21:21]

  • Thank you, Erin! [24:36]

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