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Season 2 Episode 14: ER, Ablation, Chicago, OH MY!

ER, Ablation, Chicago, OH MY!

After being on “Spring Break” for the past two weeks, Alex and Mary sit down to discuss life’s unexpected detours that led them to a break. They will explain their time in the ER, a subsequent hospitalization, and a trip to Chicago. What a whirlwind!

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Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back [0:39]

  • Ducks in a row [1:00]

  • ER visit [1:15]

  • Cardiology follow-up [3:00]

  • Hospitalization/Procedures [4:00]

  • Life can get in the way of fun hobbies [5:30]

  • We love and appreciate our listeners! [5:45]

  • Negatives and Positives in the medical community [6:00]

  • Chicago trip [7:00]

  • Sadie Mae [8:05]

  • May Motherhood series [10:00]

  • In the News! [11:35]

  • Best laid plans [13:52]

  • Effects of medication on the body [14:20]

  • Alex’s next scan and follow up oncology appointment [17:36]

  • Transvaginal ultrasound discrepancy [18:45]

  • Patient/Caregiver role reversal [23:30]

  • Calling all ultrasound techs! [24:29]

  • Help us out with a rating or review [24:45]

  • Thanks for listening! [25:15]

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