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Season 2 Episode 15: Ultrasound Results & Looking Ahead

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Ultrasound Results & Looking Ahead

Mary is on her way to a dental appointment in Orlando, so Alex is flying solo this week. She is discussing her latest ultrasound experience and where she is on her cancer journey. She shares her personal reflection on approaching two years since her cancer diagnosis and when, typically, cancer patients are told they can breathe a sigh of relief regarding being cancer free.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back [0:39]

  • Ultrasound visit [1:24]

  • Discrepancies in ultrasound prep [2:39]

  • What’s with the teeny tiny gowns? [6:20]

  • Shifted ovary [7:12]

  • Great doctor! [7:40]

  • No cysts! [8:24]

  • In the News! [9:44]

  • Preview of May episodes [14:35]

  • Becoming a mother [15:30]

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Links Mentioned in This Episode

Researcher Develops Novel Sensor for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

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