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Season 2 Episode 16: Becoming Mom: Exploring the Many Paths to Motherhood - Episode One: Naturally

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Becoming Mom: Exploring the Many Paths to Motherhood - Episode One: Naturally

As they begin their Motherhood Series for the month of May, Alex and Mary discuss what they are most familiar with, traditional birth. Mary shares her pregnancy and birth experiences with her two children, William (Will) and Alexandra (Alex) in the 1980s. Although considered traditional births, there were many twists and turns that might call that into question.

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Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back [0:39]

  • Mother’s Day series [1:05]

  • Many paths to motherhood [1:47]

  • Traditional birth [2:15]

  • Story of Will’s birth [3:10]

  • Mama loves her breakfast [5:10]

  • How to get that big baby out [6:25]

  • Shoulder dystocia [7:36]

  • Injuries from vaginal birth [8:00]

  • Happy ending [9:40]

  • In the News! [10:10]

  • Story of Alex’s birth [13:19]

  • Old Wives’ Tale [14:20]

  • Trauma to body [16:15]

  • C-section vs vaginal birth [18:55]

  • Learning through farm life [23:47]

  • Call the Midwife [26:50]

  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum [29:17]

  • en caul birth [31:15]

  • Thanks for listening! [33:46]

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