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Season 2 Episode 17: Becoming Mom: Exploring the Many Paths to Motherhood - Episode Two: Surrogacy

Becoming Mom: Exploring the Many Paths to Motherhood - Episode Two: Surrogacy

This week Alex and Mary continue the Motherhood series for the month of May as they sit down with Alana Weinberg, a cancer survivor who became a mother with the help of a surrogate/gestational carrier. Alana is a wealth of information, having gone through the experience of seeking out and matching with a gestational carrier, and she shares her story with enthusiasm and candor. There were some serious bumps along the road, surrogacy in the midst of Co-Vid and a heart defect detected in the womb, but Alana’s story has a beautiful ending that she refers to as her “miracle.”

Alana's Miracle, Briana

Episode Highlights

  • Happy Mother’s Day! [0:39]

  • Introduction of special guest [1:42]

  • Why a surrogate? [2:47]

  • Cancer diagnosis [3:35]

  • Megace and fertility-sparing [4:10]

  • Decision to create embryos [5:00]

  • Selection process for surrogate [5:25]

  • Advantages of using an agency [6:20]

  • Gestational carrier (GC) vs surrogate [7:24]

  • Qualifications for a surrogate/GC [9:43]

  • Availability of surrogates/GCs [13:20]

  • Finding a match [14:40]

  • Center for Surrogacy and Egg Donation [17:55]

  • Medications for GC [18:33]

  • Covid changed everything [19:25]

  • Diminished ovarian reserve [19:53]

  • Surrogacy coordinator @ hospital [24:15]

  • Baby’s heart defect, tetralogy of fallot [25:05]

  • The birth [28:10]

  • 39 week induction [30:03]

  • Financial responsibility [30:21]

  • Grants available [33:30]

  • Parenting rights laws vary by state [36:10]

  • Find a support group [40:30]

  • Motherhood dream come true [41:35]

  • Selflessness of a surrogate [41:56]

  • Thank you, Alana! [42:25]

  • Miracle baby Brianna [43:10]

  • Next week’s episode [43:55]

  • Thanks for listening! [44:50]

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