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Season 2 Episode 2: Cervical Cancer 101

Cervical Cancer 101

This week Alex and Mary sit down to discuss cervical cancer, in recognition of January as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. They share some current research and encouraging statistics regarding cervical cancer and HPV.

Episode Highlights

· New introduction [0:57]

· Sadie’s tail keeping the beat [1:17]

· Stats regarding age of diagnosis [2:00]

· Older women [2:40]

· Regular checkups [3:15]

· Deeper data dive [4:00]

· Importance of Pap tests [4:55]

· Decline in cervical cancer deaths [5:58]

· Covid is NO excuse [7:55]

· Quiz on [8:17]

· HPV and many types of cancers [9:20]

· Disparities in cervical cancer diagnosis [12:06]

· Cervical cancer nonprofits (15:08)

· Next week - disparities in women’s healthcare (17:20)

Resources Mentioned

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