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Season 2 Episode 22: I Hate Cancer

I Hate Cancer

In this week’s episode, Alex and Mary reflect on their various experiences with cancer, having come to the mutual conclusion that they hate it. They hate what it does to hopes and dreams, they hate what it does to families, and they hate how it affects everything and everyone in a person’s life who is living with cancer. They pretty much hate everything about cancer. They are united in their hate of cancer.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back! [0:39]

  • June: Cancer Survivor Awareness Month [0:55]

  • Everybody hates cancer (HCM) [1:50]

  • Hate is a strong word [2:10]

  • Shuttle Columbia [3:25]

  • Every cancer experience is unique [6:22]

  • Everyone knows someone with cancer [8:00]

  • Cancer’s invasion of humanity [9:05]

  • Dr. Ray [9:18]

  • If you live long enough, you will get cancer [10:13]

  • Leukemia [12:13]

  • Early experience of death of a loved one [14:06]

  • Hospice counseling [14:28]

  • Cancer free, living with cancer, death as a result [17:50]

  • The first in your friend group to get cancer [18:27]

  • C-word = Fear [19:11]

  • HP: “Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself.” [19:43]

  • Prostate cancer [21:40]

  • You will always be “someone who had cancer” [22:25]

  • Lindsay [22:35]

  • Affect on family and friends [24:05]

  • Medically-assisted suicide [24:25]

  • Hate manifested into positivity [25:25]

  • Advancements in technology [26:15]

  • Funding for cancer [27:00]

  • Under-researched, runder-funded cancers [27:10]

  • GYN cancers [27:25]

  • “Missing something we never had” [28:15]

  • Peach Sister Community [29:00]

  • Conspiracy theories [29:13]

  • Do you hate cancer? [29:40]

  • Shout out to loyal listeners! [30:33]

  • Thanks for listening! [32:12]

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Twitter: @downthereaware

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Click here to listen to Alex's friend, Lindsay, singing "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" with the Festival Singers of Florida before her diagnosis with a Glioblastoma tumor.

Summary Keywords

Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, research, advocacy, advanced imaging, diagnosis, knowledge, women, fear, technology, leukemia, hospice, shuttle Columbia, prostate cancer, gynecologic cancers, uterine cancer, surgery, treatment

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