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Season 2 Episode 29: Disparities in Cancer Funding

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Disparities in Cancer Funding

This week, Alex and Mary discuss the disparities in cancer funding, advocacy, education, and awareness. They look at the disproportionate number of nonprofits to the number of cancer diagnoses for various types of cancer, possible reasons for the disparity, and realistic solutions.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back! [0:40]

  • Wear PURPLE Day #GCAM2021 [0:42]

  • Ratings and Reviews [1:30]

  • A purpose to inform young women [3:24]

  • Comparing cancer funding [4:12]

  • Disparities [5:40]

  • Breast cancer [6:30]

  • Northwestern University article [7:40]

  • Nonprofits [8:30]

  • Disproportionate advocacy [11:35]

  • Five GYN cancers [12:24]

  • Incredible PINK campaigns 12:50]

  • Embarrassing and stigmatized cancers [16:13]

  • Taboo! [17:00]

  • Normalizing GYN discussions [20:10]

  • Proper names for anatomy [24:15]

  • Reproductive organs [27:01]

  • Repair cultural damage regarding GYN matters [28:24]

  • Special PURPLE Giveaway! [30:25]

  • Thanks for listening! [31:12]

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Links Mentioned in the Episode

Many of the deadliest cancers receive the least amount of research funding

Comparison of Cancer Burden and Nonprofit Organization Funding Reveals Disparities in Funding Across Cancer Types

Cancer Research: Where the Funding Goes - Cancer Center

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