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Season 2 Episode 3: Addressing Disparities in Women's Healthcare

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Addressing Disparities in Women's Healthcare

This week Alex and Mary sit down to discuss disparities in health care. They share data from various resources that highlight the progress we’ve made to narrow the gaps in health outcomes but also sheds light on the fact that the goal must be to eliminate health care disparities, completely.

Episode Highlights

· Hello! [0:45]

· Dense data [1:15]

· Definition of disparities [3:17]

· Acknowledgement of disparities [5:35]

· Progress [6:20]

· Groups lumped together [7:16]

· Intersectionality [8:25]

· Infant mortality [10:15]

· Rural vs Metropolitan [11:45]

· Analytics [16:35]

· HIV and AIDS [18:15]

· Disparities in dermatologic care [19:55]

· Evolution of Minorities (27:45)

· Next week - Tidbits from our experiences (31:37)

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