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Season 2 Episode 35: What Shapes Us?

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What shapes us?

This week’s episode is a sit down discussion between Alex and Mary, looking back on the things in their lives that have shaped them into who they are today. Childhood experiences, neighborhoods, and the way we grow up has a profound effect on who we grow into and that oftentimes determines how we deal with our health and various medical issues.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back! [0:40]

  • What shapes us? [1:12]

  • Bruce Springsteen & Barack Obama [1:30]

  • Absentee fathers [2:08]

  • Pig farm [2:55]

  • Life-long learner [3:35]

  • Growing up in the ‘burbs [5:11]

  • Helping in the kitchen [6:54]

  • Dinner table conversations [8:12]

  • Healthy curiosity [9:45]

  • Learning from mistakes [11:11]

  • Respect for others [13:00]

  • Learning by doing [14:20]

  • Age-appropriate questions/answers [16:48]

  • Ellie Rae’s period episode [18:16]

  • Overhearing adult conversations [19:11]

  • Mind/Body connection [20:43]

  • Subscribe, Rate, and Review [21:28]

  • Everyday Health article [21:45]

  • Thanks for listening! [22:25]

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