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Season 2 Episode 5: Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans

This week Alex and Mary sit down to discuss some of their best laid plans, how those plans have been interrupted, and how they responded to those interruptions. They have discovered that, oftentimes in hindsight, it’s easy to laugh at how they have responded to change, but when reacting in the moment, a sudden and unexpected detour can cause a lot of heartache, often unnecessarily. They have learned developing a mindset that accepts change, prioritizes actions, and understands how to move forward can help guide their reactions to change, presenting as more of a ripple, rather than a tidal wave.

Episode Highlights

· Marking one year for podcast [0:45]

· Sadie Mae [1:30]

· Alex’s oncology appointment update [2:30]

· New segment, “In the News” [4:45]

· Paris Hilton and IVF [6:00]

· Best laid plans [8:00]

· Hives on dogs [10:20]

· Venison for dogs [12:30]

· Cancer can wreck plans (ICD) [13:40]

· Don’t rush into decisions [17:15]

· Leave room for flexibility [20:05]

· Still important to make plans [21:20]

· 2020 didn’t break us [22:20]

· Thanks for listening! [23:40]

Images Discussed

Sadie loving her new bed while we record!

Hives on a dog. Who knew?!

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Twitter: @downthereaware

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