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Season 2 Episode 7: Science or Scents? Why your vagina shouldn't smell like apricots!

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Science or Scents? Why Your Vagina Shouldn’t Smell Like Apricots

This week Alex and Mary discuss feminine hygiene and the conflict between Science and big corporations. The medical community, in particular those who deal with the female anatomy, recommend basic good hygiene in taking care of our bodies. However, big corporations have launched numerous marketing campaigns, targeting teens and preteens, planting the seed in their growing minds that their bodies should smell like flowers or fruit and, thereby, making them believe the very natural act of menstruation to be dirty or nasty. All this to make a dollar. Doctors tell us using such products is not necessary and may even prove to be harmful to our bodies.

Episode Highlights

· In the News [0:55]

· Urine test for endometrial cancer [1:15]

· Hysteroscopy [3:00]

· Feminine hygiene [5:43]

· The douche [6:02]

· The origin of the douche [7:35]

· Call the Midwife [8:20]

· Douches gone wrong [8:47]

· Coke and contraception [9:30]

· Shaming females into buying products [10:30]

· Basic feminine hygiene [11:45]

· Vagina is self-cleaning [12:28]

· Pelvic inflammatory disease [13:15]

· The power of advertising [14:25]

· Period funk (17:05)

· New segment next week (18:20)

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Links Mentioned in the Episode

The sexist, toxic history of douching

Simple urine test can detect womb cancer

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