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Season 2 Episode 8: STRESSED?

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This week Alex and Mary sit down to talk about stress, how to spot it, how to treat it, and the role it plays in our lives. Stress can serve as a motivator, but more times than not it has a negative impact on our lives. Learn how to recognize the stress in your life and various ways to manage it.

Episode Highlights

· Welcome back [0:39]

· Definition of stress [1:15]

· Stress is unique to the person [2:55]

· American Institute of Stress [4:45]

· Top causes for stress [5:20]

· Symptoms of stress [7:55]

·Sadie Mae joins in (9:35)

· Physical manifestations of stress [10:10]

· Long-term effects of stress [11:45]

· Preventing stress [13:20]

· Positive mindset [15:55]

· Charlie Mackesy [16:40]

· More Sadie Mae squeeks [18:30]

· Another new segment [20:09]

· Gynosaurus [20:42]

·Old Wives’ Tale about Periods [21:07]

·Thanks for listening! [23:13]

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The American Stress Institute

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