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Season 2 Episode 9: Knowledge vs. Fear


This week Alex and Mary reflect on some comments they received on one of their TikTok videos. They discuss the difference between knowledge and fear in regards to research, awareness, and growing through experiential information. Why do we fear learning more about our bodies, our health? Why is sharing our experiences, in order to help others be advocates for themselves, viewed as “fear-mongering” by some?

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back [0:40]

  • We went viral on TikTok! [0:54]

  • Symptoms to investigate further [2:00]

  • Difference between knowledge and fear [2:55]

  • Perceptions [4:00]

  • In the News [5:15]

  • HPV (6:35)

  • Dismissed by doctors [9:16]

  • What is “normal”? [11:25]

  • Hormonal birth control [12:55]

  • Don’t think zebra [15:05]

  • Positive stories [19:05]

  • Too young to get uterine cancer? [20:25]

  • No room for fear [22:50]

  • Gynosaurus [23:55]

  • Old Wives’ Tale about your first period (24:25)

  • We choose knowledge! [26:52]

  • Thanks for listening! [26:59]

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Summary Keywords

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