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Season 3 Episode 2: No Laughing Matter

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No Laughing Matter

Alex and Mary return on the 4th Monday and their new schedule. This week they discuss humor, as deflection and a coping mechanism when dealing with trials and tribulations. Alex shares some personal experiences with humor in times of tragedy. Part of their research involved viewing the 1998 film Patch Adams, with Robin Williams, as well as several peer-reviewed articles and various related websites.

Episode Highlights

  • Welcome back! [0:31]

  • Check out our TikToks!! [0:46]

  • Patch Adams [1:33]

  • Robin Williams [1:53]

  • Deflection or Coping Mechanism [2:40]

  • Forget your troubles, come on, get happy! [4:40]

  • Using humor to deal with daily life [6:18]

  • Take your cue from the patient [8:12]

  • Physical benefits of laughing [9:10]

  • Laughter = internal jogging [10:05]

  • Swindle sisters’ laughter [11:20]

  • Inappropriate laughter? [12:13]

  • Humor and cancer [13:51]

  • Therapeutic humor [14:15]

  • Treating the whole patient [15:05]

  • Florence Nightingale [15:48]

  • Yay for nurses!! [16:35]

  • Recurrent ovarian cancer [18:00]

  • Chris Evert [18:25]

  • Genetic testing [19:30]

  • Thanks, Cancer! Insta [20:35]

  • New schedule reminder [23:45]

  • Please subscribe, like, and rate us [24:05]

  • Big news for World Cancer Day coming soon! [24:40]

  • Did Alex just admit her mama is right???? [25:17]

  • Thanks for listening! [25:55]

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Links Mentioned in the Episode

Use of humor as a coping mechanism, psychological adjustment, and social interaction

The Use of Humor in Patients With Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Laughing in the Face of Fear (of Disease Detection): Using Humor to Promote Cancer Self-Examination Behavior

Laughing at cancer: Humour, empowerment, solidarity and coping online

Hall House Productions (@thankscancer) • Instagram photos and videos

Tumor Humor - My Perfect Prescription for Coping with Cancer

How One Woman Used Humor to Help Her Cope with Her Cancer - OHC

The impact of humor on patients with cancer

Finding a Reason to Laugh | Cancer.Net

Cancer is no laughing matter — or is it?

Using Humor as a Coping Tool | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Getting serious about funny: Psychologists see humor as a character strength

Humor As Weapon, Shield and Psychological Salve

Christie, Wanda. “The Impact of Humor on Patients With Cancer.” Clinical journal of oncology nursing. 9.2 (2005): n. pag. Web.

Summary Keywords

Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, research, advocacy, humor, deflection, coping skills, World Cancer Day, Patch Adams, Robin Williams, Chris Evert, ovarian cancer, therapeutic humor, inappropriate humor

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