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Season 4 Episode 17: Attention-Grabbing Medical News

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This week Mary and Alex discuss three articles covering a ground-breaking vaccine trial, heart transplant anti-rejection drug risks, and colon cancer diagnoses in young adults. There is some shocking news in each of these articles and this mother/daughter duo feels it’s very important to share what they’ve learned.

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Episode Links

Victoria's Secret From The B00BLESS BABE'S POV @Theebooblessbabe 💪😍 ... | TikTok

Amy Silverstein speaks up for change in drugs tied to organ transplants

Is There a Lynch Syndrome Vaccine on the Way?

Colon cancer is on the rise in younger adults: What you should look for

I am Brooke Eby

Episode Highlights

  • Intro [0:13]

  • Welcome Back! [1:24]

  • Mary fumbling the beginning [1:35]

  • Bits of info in cyberspace [2:17]

  • Ground-breaking vaccine trial [3:13]

  • Lynch Syndrome [3:25]

  • First vaccine for non-viral disease [5:28]

  • Not a cure, but a prevention [5:50]

  • Kudos, MD Anderson [11:10]

  • Amy Silverstein [11:18]

  • Immunosuppressant drug risks [11:10]

  • Cloak of silence [12:54]

  • Life expectancy for heart transplant patients [15:34]

  • Under-funded research [16:15]

  • Brooke ALS [20:50]

  • Younger adults with colon cancer diagnoses [21:59]

  • Qualifications for colonoscopy [22:33]

  • Sadie Mae’s sneaky entrance [25:52]

  • Color-rectal cancer early symptoms [27:33]

  • Be your own advocate! [31:00]

  • Age is not the only factor. [32:56]

  • M & S packaging labels [33:13]

  • Procter & Gamble [33:36]

  • Thanks for listening! [35:14]

Summary Keywords

Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, research, advocacy, vaccine trial, cancer prevention, heart transplant, immunosuppressant drugs, anti-rejection drugs, colon cancer, young adults, early symptoms, Procter & Gamble, M & S, ALS

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