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Season 4 Episode 9: A Global Glimpse

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A Global Glimpse: Cancer Statistics in South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean

Alex and Mary discuss cancer statistics in South America, Latin America, and the Caribbean, how they compare to other regions, and the questions that arise from the “why” behind the data.

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Episode Links

Cancer patterns and trends in Central and South America - ScienceDirect

South America

Latin America & the Caribbean | The Cancer Atlas

Episode Highlights

  • Intro [0:13]

  • Welcome Back! [1:24]

  • Same day, same clothes [1:43]

  • Trip to Germany [1:50]

  • South America, Latin America, Caribbean [2:20]

  • Low risk of death from cancer in females [4:00]

  • Cancer Atlas [5:50]

  • 2018 cervical most common cancer death in Guyana [6:42]

  • Gallbladder cancer in Bolivia and Chile [7:10]

  • Cancer registry [8:39]

  • Cancer 3rd/4th leading cause of death in Mexico [9:26]

  • Breast cancer leading cause of death in Mexican women [9:57]

  • Cancer leading cause of death in Mexican children [10:13]

  • Mary gets distracted with “Popular” [10:50]

  • Universal Healthcare [11:25]

  • Half of top 10 highest cancer rates are in island nations [13:12]

  • Stomach cancer [14:30]

  • HDI component [15:01]

  • Maybe we should look at Canada and the USA [18:05]

  • Sadie Mae joins us [18:33]

  • An official 501c3 Nonprofit [19:30]

  • Donate button on website [19:45]

  • Grant funding [20:00]

  • Proctor and Gamble labeling [20:25]

  • Thanks for listening! [21:05]

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